How to Post Reel on Instagram from PC

1. Go to and download Deskgram Application for PC or Mac.

2. Install Deskgram, then run it and then enter your Instagram Username and Password and click on sign in button.

3. Now click on Upload Reel button to open Reel Upload window.
reel button

4. Click on the window and select your reel or drag and drop your reel to the window.
click window

5. From here you can crop and trim your reel. You will notice that cropping tool has fixed aspect ratio. This is for reel so you do not have to worry about what dimensions you need for Instagram reel, just like Instagram app.
reel crop and trim

6. After that click on blue front arrow. Here it will prepare your video according to your cropping and trimming. After finish preparing on next window you will be able to enter the caption of the reel. You can also add emoji in the caption by pressing control + command + space on Mac OS and by Virtual Keyboard in Windows 8 and 10.
reel caption

7. Click on the green upload button to post reel to Instagram from pc. When you click on button you'll see upload progress.
reel uploading

8. When uploading finish you will see a message saying Reel Uploaded Successfully
reel uploaded

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