Upload Photos And Videos to Instagram From Your PC or MAC 100% Free

Deskgram is a desktop application to upload content to your Instagram Account.

Easiest way to upload your photos/videos to instagram directly from your MAC or PC.

Mac OS     Windows

Simple Login

Enter your Instagram username and password
and you are ready to upload photos/videos

Just because you are using your own PC or MAC at your home network, Instagram will not send any security code for verification. Except you have Two-Factor Authentication enabled

You do not need to change your account type to Professional Account or Business Account, it works with any regular account.

post to instagram from pc

Upload Photos and Videos to Instagram

  • Upload High Quality Photos and Videos.
  • Photo Size upload upto 1440X1800.
  • Video Size upload upto 960X1200.
  • Built in cropping tool for Photos.
  • People tagging in both Photos and Videos.
  • Location tagging also available.
Upload Photos and Videos to Instagram

Video Editing Tools

Built in video cropping tool.

Built in video trimming tool.

No need to worry about Video size and duration.

Very easy to use video tools.

upload carousel to instagram from pc

Upload Carousel to Instagram

Add upto ten(10) Photos/Videos

No people tagging limits.

You can tag people on each photo or video.

Photo/Video cropping tool also available.

You can also tag location.

upload carousel to instagram from pc

Upload Stories to Instagram From PC/MAC

Deskgram App allows you to upload Stories directly from your PC/MAC.

You can upload Photo and Video both for stories.

upload stories to instagram from pc

Upload Reels to Instagram From PC/MAC

Using Deskgram App you can to upload Reels to Instagram from PC/MAC.

You can upload upto 60 seconds of reel. Select your video, crop and trim, enter your caption and upload, that is it.

upload reels to instagram from pc

The Deskgram Experience Reinvented

Custom Cover For Videos and Reels.

Yes, you can select your own cover for Instagram videos and Instagram reels.

custom covers

Download Deskgram App

For MacOS


Requires macOS 10.14 Mojave (or newer)

For Windows 7 and later


Please run Setup.exe for installation.

Requires .NET Framework 4.7.2 (Auto Install with Deskgram Setup)

.NET Framework 4.7.2 For Windows 7 32Bit (Run netfx_full_x86)

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