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Instagram Uploader, Scheduler and Downloader for PC and MAC

A desktop application which allows you to download, upload and schedule Photos, Video, Carousels, Reels and Stories. Very easy to use and you do not need to change your Instagram account type.

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How Deskgram Works?

Deskgram is a desktop application which works almost same as Instagram Mobile app. Just download and install app from the website.

Before you get started you need to sign up for Deskgram account which can be done from this app so we can communicate with you for updates.

Connect your Instagram account start uploading and scheduling photos, videos, carousels, reels and stories from


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Is it Safe to Use?

Yes, it is 100 percent safe to use Deskgram Application. This application works same as Instagram app and this is why you need to enter your Instagram username and password. All the communication is done between this app and Instagram with the Instagram security encryption. We also highly recommend users to use Instagram's Two-Factor Authentication feature to add more security to their account.

We never know your password, however if you opted for Scheduling package then your Instagram session will be securely saved on our server. This is because scheduling is cloud based and you do not need this app running or internet access to upload scheduled Instagram posts. This is why we first want you to sign up for Deskgram account and we never share your information to anyone.

Why other tools, apps or extensions do not asks for password? Well, the answer is simple. They use Instagram Public APIs for uploading in which you grant them permission. Instagram provides very limited public APIs due to which functionalities are provided very limited by these tools, apps or extensions. Deskgram Application provides all major functions because it works like Instagram app. Some features are free to use and some features are paid. We do not show any ads on our website and application. Deskgram is monetized by paid features which it offers. This means you are NOT a product but you use an awesome product. Check out Deskgram app's awesome features below.

Features Deskgram Offers

Add Audio in Reels

Instagram allows users to produce videos with an audio track, additional effects, and the ability to remix other people's work in 2020. The Instagram reel is identical to TikTok's structure, but it offers creators and companies significant marketing possibilities because it is available to Instagram's more extensive user base. Users may produce short films of themselves speaking their favourite movie lines, dancing to their favourite music, pranking their friends, or doing anything else on Instagram Reels.

Initially, users could only upload a 15-second video to their Instagram reels. However, engineers have raised the length to 60 seconds. Additionally, you may use distinctive sounds, special effects, and background music to enhance the visual appeal of your Reels. Additionally, Instagram has a sizeable music collection from which you may select background music to match the subject of your Reel.

We proudly like to announce that Deskgram application is the only app available other than Instagram official mobile app which allows you to add background music from Instagram music collection from your PC and MAC. It works almost same as Instagram official mobile app with highlighted times on the track.


Upload Photos, Videos, Carousels, Reels And Stories

Deskgram is the only PC and MAC application which allows you to upload photos, videos, carousels, reels and stories directly from your desktop or laptop computer. Just download and install app, sign up to Deskgram, add your Instagram account to app and then start uploading without any problem. You do not have to worry about what size is needed for uploading photos, videos, reels and stories. Just select what you want to upload and Deskgram app will automatically process the file according to Instagram requirements. The process is almost same as Instagram mobile app.

Cropping And Trimming Tool For Photos and Videos

This app provides you with built-in cropping tool. This tool allows you to select the area of a photo and video and discard everything outside its area. Although cropping reduces the dimensions of photo and video. This tool is available immediately after selecting photo or video for upload. While cropping you'll notice that this tool have limited aspect ratio. This is because of Instagram requirements and you do not have to worry about dimensions. For videos you will find trimmer tool as well at the bottom. With this tool you can select the starting point and ending point of the video and it will cut your video according to your selection.

Show Related Hash Tags And Users In Caption

While you are writing caption for the Instagram post, if you add hash(#) tag and write a word then it will automatically show you list of related hash tags and their number of posts published. Just like we write on Instagram mobile app. Same is for mention as well. If you want to mention any user in caption then type mention(@) tag then username you want to mention any you will see all related username list.

Tag Users In Posts

You can tag user profiles in your posts. For photos you can add by clicking on photo after cropping. The point where you click will be the tag location in photos. For videos and reels, simply click on tag button and start adding users to your videos and reels. For photos, videos and reels you can add up to 20 user profiles. And for carousel posts, you can add 10 photos and/or videos and on each photo/video you can tag 20 profiles. This means that you can tag 200 (10 photos/videos X 20 each) profiles in a single carousel post.

Invite A Collaborator In Posts

Yes, you can invite a collaborator in your Instagram post. Deskgram is the only app other than Instagram mobile app which allows you to invite a collaborator in the post. For photo posts press CTRL button + Click for Windows and press COMMAND button + Click in MAC to invite a collaborator. For videos and reels you can click on button Invite a Collaborator to invite one.

Add Multiple Accounts

Are you using multiple accounts on your Instagram mobile app then do not worry about PC and Mac as well. You can add as many account as you want in Deskgram application. They will all work same as Instagram official app. The good thing is that you don't need to switch account for uploading.

Simultaneously Upload To Multiple Accounts

Wondering what does simultaneous upload means? It means that you can upload to all your account you connected in Deskgram application. No need of switching account. Just select your account and click upload post. Another good feature is that if you want same post to be uploaded to your all or selected Instagram accounts then just click on upload to Multiple accounts and select accounts you want to upload to. It will upload all selected accounts at the same time.

Schedule Photos, Videos, Carousels, Reels And Stories

Schedule means real scheduling. We do not set up reminders so on time of posting you manually post to Instagram. With Deskgram Scheduler once you schedule photo, video, carousel, reel or story, it will uploaded to our server and at the time of posting it will use your Instagram session and upload to Instagram. We highly recommend users to enable two-factor authorization for scheduling to work smoothly.

Download Photos, Videos, Carousels, Reels, Stories And DP

Deskgram allows you to download all the posts and stories and highlights from Instagram profile. And yes, you can also download the display pic of any Instagram user at highest quality possible. Just enter the URL of the post you want to download and it will show you preview and then you can download it. For Stories, Highlights and DPs you just need to enter Instagram profile username. You can also download Private profile posts and stories only if you follow that profile.

No Matter What Price Is, You Can Start Uploading From PC And MAC


  • Upload Photos, Videos, Carousels, Reels and Stories
  • Any 5 Uploads In 24 Hours
  • Upload High Quality Photos and Videos
  • Built-in Cropping and Trimming Tool
  • View Related Hashtags And Users While Writing Caption
  • Instagram User Tagging
  • Location Tagging
  • Only 1 Instagram Account Allowed


$3.00 / 30 days
  • All Free Features
  • Unlimited Uploads
  • Connect Unlimited Instagram Accounts
  • Add Music In Reels
  • Change Reel Audio Title
  • Invite A Collaborator In Photos, Videos, Carousels and Reels
  • Multiple Upload. Upload Same Post To Accounts You Select
  • Download All Posts, Stories, Highlights And DPs


$20.00 / 30 days
  • All PRO Features
  • Unlimited Photos Scheduling
  • Unlimited Videos Scheduling
  • Unlimited Carousels Scheduling
  • Unlimited Reels Scheduling (No Reminder. Auto Post)
  • Unlimited Stories Scheduling (No Reminder. Auto Post)
  • Queue Limit to 50 Scheduled Posts

Why Use Deskgram?

Well, Deskgram is the only application which works like official Instagram app. So, when you upload using Deskgram Application you will get more reach, more impressions, more view, more hashtags and more chances of appearing in Explore page. Because official Instagram app uploads are more prioritized then other. This means the content you upload from web page and using Instagram Public APIs, they will get very low reach, less impressions and etc as compared to Deskgram upload. Then what are you waiting for? Download and install app and start uploading.

Download Deskgram Application

For MacOS


Requires macOS 10.14 Mojave (or newer)

For Windows 7 and later


Requires .NET Desktop Runtime 6 (x64)

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