1. Go to https://deskgram.app/ and download Deskgram Scheduler Application for PC or Mac.

2. Install Deskgram Scheduler, then run it and then enter your Deskgram Username and Password and click on sign in button. If you do not have Deskgram account then simply click at bottom "Don't have Deskgram account? Sign Up" and sign up for Deskgram account.

3. Now click on the account for which you want to upload reel. If you do not have any account added then click on "+" button at the bottom left. Complete the login process.
click on account

4. Click on "Upload or Schedule Post" button then select Reel.
select reel

5. Click on the window and select your video or drag and drop your video to the window and click next to prepare your reel for upload.
upload reel

6. On this window you can see lots of option available. You can select cover photo from video and upload your custom cover, schedule your reel, rename your reel audio, tag profiles, invite a collaborator, enter caption and add music. Click on add music to select music.
add music

7. Here you will see the list of music which is recommended for you by Instagram. You can search your favourite music by type in search field. You can also preview the music by clicking on play icon. Double click on the music you want to add.
music list

8. Now you can preview your selected music with your reel. You can adjust volume for both your reel and selected music. you can also adjust the music to look perfect with your reel. After finishing just click on "Done" button.
finish music

9. Finalize your reel by entering caption and tags and click upload. When you click upload window will close and you can see your upload progress on "Upload Window"
upload window

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